Dienstag, 18. November 2014

Bordeaux meets Beige

It's getting cold outside and we can spot the first christmas decoration and ideas for the perfect present in every mall. I think time goes by so fast, it's hard to believe that this year is almost over. One year ago I moved to Berlin and so many things happened since then. It also has been last winter when I spontaneously decided to travel to London for the filming of "Paddington". Next month this movie finally starts in cinema and I can't wait for the premiere. I hope december will bring cozy christmas feeling to my home too. But first I want to show you today's look. I am totally obsessed with beige and bordeaux this season. So I paired my new lovely Zara scarf with a classy H&M blazer, beige pants and chic ankle boots. What do you think about my outfit?

Samstag, 15. November 2014

Mixed Pattern

Today I want to show you a casual and sporty combination. I really love to wear high heels and in winter I am a huge fan of booties and overknees, but sometimes I need variety and a comfortable shoe like sneakers or flats. I totally felt like "mixed pattern" today and I think classy stripes and modern leoprint always looks good together. Those lovely pink roses were the perfect eye-catcher for my shopping outfit. After we shot the pictures we went to the cinema and watched "Before I go to sleep" starring my favorite actress Nicole Kidman. Beside her we see Colin Firth, best known for "The King's Speech", and actor Mark Strong. It's a very fascinating and mysterious thriller and truly worth to watch!

Freitag, 14. November 2014

Bambi 2014

Uma Thurman
Yesterday I've visited the red carpet of the annual Bambi Awards. I spotted so many good known faces like actress Uma Thurman which I've already met five times this year at Cannes and Berlin international Filmfestival. Or topmodel Toni Garrn who I've talked to just three days before at a fashion event. In contrast to last year everything was a little bit chaotic and uncomfortable. Everyone was exhausted by the very bad weather and long waiting periods but the most stupid fact was that Ariana Grande, the newcomer star of the evening, didn't show up for her fans. Anyway I had much fun taking pictures, talking to my favorites and enjoying the glamorous atmosphere. Uma wore a skinny, modern Versace dress, Toni chose a long white gown with a deep neckline. She paired it with luxurious Chopard jewelries and dark red lipstick. I also liked the sequined dress of german actress Josefine Preuß. She looked so lovely.

Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

Classy November

I am so sorry that I didn't post very much during the last week. There is so much happening here and meanwhile I did a spontaneous short trip to my home. After that I've visited a fashion event hosted by "Closed" on monday. It was all about their collaboration with topmodel Toni Garrn who designed jeans and t-shirts to help children in Burkina Faso. Those who follow me on Facebook and Instagram might have already seen the pictures. We chatted a little and in my opinion she is a very nice, friendly and pretty person. Tomorrow I will continue with my report about the annual "Bambi Awards". Special guests are Ariana Grande and Uma Thurman. But at first I want to show you the second combination including my new classy Flare & Brugg boots. I paired them with burgundy pants, a fake fur vest from H&M and a casual khaki shirt from Zara.

Samstag, 8. November 2014

Boots & Scarves

I finally found them! The perfect boots for fall and winter. Sometimes it's truly difficult to choose a fitting pair of boots or high heels. Especially overknees or high boots weren't part of my wardrobe so far. But then I discovered these black leather version at the Görtz 17 shop last week. They're made by the label Flare & Brugg which I hadn't heard of before, but they have many stylish shoes to offer. I combined them with a black Bershka skirt, a New Yorker leather jacket and my new Mango handbag. I also couldn't resist and bought another great Zara scarf. I am so obsessed with the color matching. Did you already find a fitting pair of boots?